March 2012

Joshua Jesty - 'Laughing Til It Hurts'

Banjos and guitars and strings and other unspecified noises pile on top of each other in this jaunty, yet melancholy tune.

Gap Dream

I’m really loving this Cleveland garage rock band Gap Dream right now. They’ve got a really obvious grasp on songwriting, and these songs are really interestingly produced. You should go check out their self-titled album on Bandcamp for ten tracks of fun do-it-yourself pop.

Ouisa Hound - Our Wake / Memorand

A lovely new ambient/neo-classical single from Ohio fledgling Joseph Randolph, who goes by Ouisa Hound when making sounds. Be sure to listen to both sides; "Memorand" pushes past the gentle trance set by "Our Wake" into a smeared, fierce yearning.