February 2012


Daydream EP

I definitely listened to this band’s whole EP three times through as soon as I found out about it because it’s all super good. I have nothing to compare it too, but all five of these tracks are really great. Summerays “Daydream EP” is tagged as pop and surf rock, and these landlocked Cleveland kids are doing it right.

Bears - Greater Lakes

How is it that I've never come across a band named 'Bears' before? Seems like they would be one of the first animals to fall into the indie machine. Anyway, this Cleveland outfit has been playing their retro-styled indie pop since 2005, but their brand new full-length Greater Lakes marks a new zenith for them in songcraft and production. They've come out sounding like Belle & Sebastian or Baxter Dury, but with a little more punch. The whole record is fantastic, but especially be sure to check out 'Don't Wait'. I (predictably) love it for its bright synthy flourishes and soaring vocal harmonies. 


“X” might be my favorite track just because of how hopeful it is

CityCop’s album “The Hope In Forgiving & Giving Up Hope” is totally a great post-whatever punk Ohio album. This is sort of like mewithoutYou, but I hate making comparisons. Although, mewithoutYou is awesome, so I hope nobody takes that as a negative comparison.

Summerays - 'Spacious'

As their moniker suggests, this Cleveland surf-pop outfit makes music that's sunny as anything. Upbeat and warm without being precious or obnoxiously cheerful, Summerays strike a good middle ground inside their genre.

Andrew Yorn


I love the word academia. I love academia. Andrew Yadon drew me in immediately with just this album title. They lyrics are as great as they should be too. The opening tracks speaks on the fear of difficulties and the constant surprise of positive results. Andrew Yadon hopes everyone is decent, and I think that’s great.

We all have to work together. Andrew Yadon understands this, and his song “Consequences” is absolutely beautifully written. Consequences are deceiving. Consequences don’t have to mean anything.  As long as we are determined to be as good  and decent to each other as we can, the world will keep getting better.