January 2012

Lost Jon

Lost Jon is honestly the best thing I’ve heard from any of the blogs I wrote for in a long time. This is exactly the kind of music I like. He’s only got two songs on his BandCamp, and it looks like their Facebook page hasn’t been up for very long either, maybe only a few hours. It’s listed under Lost Jon And The Ghosts.

Signals Midwest

My favorite track on the album is definitely “Limnology”.

Signals Midwest, from Cleveland, calls themselves a “punk/indie/something” band. They’ll play in your kitchen, and they’re on Spotify. I really like the cover of their album “Latitudes and Longitudes”. It’s a really nice, soft picture of a wooden toy airplane! Pop punk!

Ennet House - 'A Tree City USA'

Glitchy layers of gorgeous melodies erupt over squealing beats. Noise crashes into itself to joyfully straddle that line between euphony and caucophony. Ultimately: glistening chaos.