December 2011


 Do you love fuzz pedals? Do you love when all the instruments distort and the vocals meander over the top of the mix? I love it, and Herzog delivers. The Beginning of “Silence” from their 2010 album Search takes off with an angry stadium announcer and then plunges into the song with the fuzziest guitar tone you could imagine. Everything joins in, equally as crunchy, and then the vocals float in, eventually complete with equally soaring harmonies.

Ichabod Crane

"If you like the color black, people who think shows should be cheap, or Sleepy Hollow, check out Ichabod Crane."

I’ll have to admit, sometimes I need a fix of constantly loud, really obnoxious, thrash metal. Throw in some half-time southern breakdowns, and I’ll feel like I’m back in the blissful days of high school shows when I didn’t know anything else existed. In high school, I probably would’ve loved Ichabod Crane. Whatever stage of your musical experience you find yourself in, listen to this band. Laugh at how appropriate it is that all the pictures in their Facebook banner are mostly black, read about their creative title, or turn up your speakers and indulge.

If These Trees Could Talk

They describe their sound as “post-whatever”

If trees could talk, what would they say? Would we be able to understand them? Would they even use words? Maybe they would make thunderously roaring instrumental rock. Maybe If These Trees Could Talk chose their name as a comparison of the wordless expressionism of an instrumental band to the life of trees. Maybe they are hardcore environmentalists concerned about the defenseless nature of trees. Maybe it has nothing to do with trees in any way.

Rubella - 'Bridge'

One of many new DIY cassette labels, Tolmie Terrapin Press is based out of Cleveland and puts out some raw, weird stuff.

I see tapes springing up all over the musical quadrants of the internet. So many new artists are returning to the cassette as a distribution method. It makes sense; if you don't quite have the resources to order a vinyl pressing, you might as well go for the cheaper analog route. No one likes CDs anymore. They're the abandoned middle child of physical media. 

One of many new DIY cassette labels, Tolmie Terrapin Press is based out of Cleveland and puts out some raw, weird stuff. Off of Rubella's new EP Dragger, here's the frenetic synth-sludge jam 'Bridge'. The whole tape is seriously awesome, so be sure to hop on over and give it a listen--or pick it up on cassette for five bucks.