July 2011

Filter - "Take a Picture"

It kind of makes sense that one of the hubs of the industrial midwest would produce one of the most famous industrial bands. Filter made it onto the mainstream charts with their 1999 single "Take a Picture" off of my favorite album of theirs, Title of Record. Most people soon figured out that Filter's discography did not sound very much like "Take a Picture" and probably stopped listening. Personally, I'm equally a fan of their screamier stuff. You can very much hear Trent Reznor's influence on ToR--lead vocalist Richard Patrick got his start playing guitar for Nine Inch Nails--though Filter always had slightly stronger ties to metal. "Take a Picture" was all over the radio when I was in 5th grade and still gets me nostalgic. Allegedly, the song is about getting drunk and naked on an airplane. The video tells a slightly more complicated story than that. It's shot in hyper-saturated colors and looks a little like one of those "nature painting" school folders you would buy in the fifth grade if you were a girl. There's mermaids and stuff; to be honest I don't really know what's going on here. But it's all set to a great song, so no worries.