Daydream EP

I definitely listened to this band’s whole EP three times through as soon as I found out about it because it’s all super good. I have nothing to compare it too, but all five of these tracks are really great. Summerays “Daydream EP” is tagged as pop and surf rock, and these landlocked Cleveland kids are doing it right.

“Lately” is my favorite track on the album. It’s full of perfectly surf rock guitar tones and sufficiently simple drum beats. The vocals seem to be recorded really interestingly. There’s a sort of group effect, but it’s very minimal. It’s just enough for me to think it’s cool, but not so much for me to think that they’re being totally typical for their genre. This track is lean three minutes long, but short song lengths are definitely a mainstay of surf rock.

“Toyohashi” is also really great. It swells in, sort of like a wave, and then burst into a lot of beautiful organic electric sounds. This one is pretty catchy without being cheesy. That’s pretty hard to do with surf rock.

I really want to pronounce Summerays like “Some Rays” because of the coloring on their album art. The letters “Summe” are white and then “rays” is yellow. I hope it won’t offend these dudes if I always think of them as Some Rays cleverly disguised in the word Summerays. Excellent work, Cleveland! The beach is a cool part of the geography of this great world we all live in!