Signals Midwest

Signals Midwest

My favorite track on the album is definitely “Limnology”.

Signals Midwest, from Cleveland, calls themselves a “punk/indie/something” band. They’ll play in your kitchen, and they’re on Spotify. I really like the cover of their album “Latitudes and Longitudes”. It’s a really nice, soft picture of a wooden toy airplane! Pop punk!

Max Stern, Steve Gibson, Loren Shumaker, and Jeff Russell have been rocking out since 2008. Their discography includes four works: Burn The Blueprints (2009), Signals Midwest/Shady Ave. Split 7” (2011), Latitudes and Longitudes (2012), and French Exit/Singlans Midwest Split 7” (2012). I’ve been wanting to review this album Latitudes and Longitudes for a while now, and I’m glad it’s finally out.

My favorite track on the album is definitely “Limnology”. Limnology is the study of freshwater, and this song is refreshingly simple. The vocals remind me more of mewithoutYou than anything else on this track. I love mewithoutYou. It starts off pretty casual, and then after a few lyrics, breaks into a double bass/guitar section followed by more casual lyrics. The chorus is sufficiently hooky.

This band seems to tour a lot. Keep up with their Facebook page to see if they are coming to a town near you! They have lots of pretty merchandise. They’ve been reviewed on They’ve toured extensively. They’re playing in their hometown Sunday. If you know them and love them, go see them! If you know them and don’t love them, remember that everyone deserves a second chance! If you don’t know them, make a new discovery, and see what you think!