Do you love fuzz pedals? Do you love when all the instruments distort and the vocals meander over the top of the mix? I love it, and Herzog delivers. The Beginning of “Silence” from their 2010 album Search takes off with an angry stadium announcer and then plunges into the song with the fuzziest guitar tone you could imagine. Everything joins in, equally as crunchy, and then the vocals float in, eventually complete with equally soaring harmonies.

The second track, “West Blvd”, is great too. The drums on the verse are sparse and extremely distorted, and then ring in full to the chorus to really fill things out. The arrangement on this one is really great.

“Static Shock” has some really interesting guitar tones and double tracked vocals.

“Town To Town” pulses through with more of an anthemic sound than anything else on the album.

“Living Alone” is immediately catchy, and free to download. Why wouldn’t you? The verse chants, “Living alone” long enough to make you fall in love, and the bouncy chorus and subsequent verses keep you around.

“Paul Blart And The Death Of Art” continues that signature fuzz sound that previously earned them the label “Slacker rock”, which they apparently dispute.

“Abandon Love” is more of a folky acoustic tune and a refreshing change of pace on the album.

“Moving Away” begins with abstract reverse and crowd noise, then highly reverberated and delayed vocals join in. This might be the most interesting song on the album production wise.

“Steady Hands” is an exceptionally well done acapella arrangement with just enough reverb.

“Catiously Optimistic” and “Slowest Romance”  round the album off with a couple of really nice slow jams with a lot to say. Be sure to check out Herzog if you’re not already familiar with them.