Gap Dream

Gap Dream

I’m really loving this Cleveland garage rock band Gap Dream right now. They’ve got a really obvious grasp on songwriting, and these songs are really interestingly produced. You should go check out their self-titled album on Bandcamp for ten tracks of fun do-it-yourself pop.

The first track, “58th St. Fingers” is full of interesting little bits of keyboard and guitar. Those little riffs all over the place in my left ear are tickling my brain and making me want to go pick up my firebird and play along. This band has a really laid back vibe that I would fully appreciate at a show.

“Cover It Up”, the next track on the album, might be my favorite. It’s a bit more of a slow jam, but there’s this really solid fuzz guitar track that pushes the whole thing through. I love it.

The vocals are undoubtedly what make this band’s sound though. They sound double tracked, but I could be wrong about that. They’re definitely put through an intense amount of reverb, and they sound really intensely roomy. Impressively, Gap Dream is creating a unique sound by using very conventional and well explored tools. That’s not easy to do, and they deserve a lot of recognition for that.

Check these guys out! If you’re in the area when they’re playing a show, I’m sure it would be great. This is very clearly the kind of music that is best for live situations. I expect that these guys like The Vines.