Andrew Yorn

Andrew Yorn


I love the word academia. I love academia. Andrew Yadon drew me in immediately with just this album title. They lyrics are as great as they should be too. The opening tracks speaks on the fear of difficulties and the constant surprise of positive results. Andrew Yadon hopes everyone is decent, and I think that’s great.

We all have to work together. Andrew Yadon understands this, and his song “Consequences” is absolutely beautifully written. Consequences are deceiving. Consequences don’t have to mean anything.  As long as we are determined to be as good  and decent to each other as we can, the world will keep getting better.

You can download this ten song album for free on Yadon’s Bandcamp page. It’s obviously carefully crafted, both lyrically and musically. He describes nailing mattresses to his walls to record the final copies. That’s what you’ve got to do sometimes. Personally, I stop at the typical eggshell mattress toppers, but mattresses are almost definitely better. Excellent work, Andrew.

This album is really great. He admits that he put a lot of time into it, with these songs being written over the past year. It definitely shows. He announced its release on Facebook on January 15th. So, it’s totally fresh and ready for your listening. Check out Andrew Yorn at a show if you can. He seems to play pretty infrequently, but I’m sure it’s a great show of honesty when it happens. The singer/songwriter thing is usually either really terrible or amazing. This is amazing.